Meet Our Team

Amanda E. – OFC

Amanda has been doing great work as an office administrator since 2016. She certainly knows the meaning of teamwork, and helps our team run smoothly and efficiently.

Her dog, Wrigley, is one of the highlights of her life. She loves to take him hiking or out to the beach. They both enjoy spending lots of quality time with close friends and family.

Amanda Jo – Dental Assistant

Amanda is one of our Expanded Function Dental Assistants (EFDA) here at the practice. For the time that she’s been with us, her expanded training has been invaluable. She’s a team player through and through. Our practice strives to work together efficiently for the benefit of both our patients and our staff, and Amanda’s contribution to that unity shines brightly.

Outside of work, Amanda has two young sons, ages ten and five. She is an avid hiker, and loves to relax by either reading or enjoying the great outdoors—sometimes both at the same time!

Amanda K. – Hygienist

Our hygienist Amanda has been working with us since 2013. She offers a sense of serenity and flexibility to the practice that we couldn’t do without. She is always ready to do what needs to be done, which keeps our team running well and our patients’ needs covered.

Amanda brings quite a bit of education to the table. In fact, she graduated from IPFW with both a degree in dental hygiene and a bachelor’s in biology.

At home, she spends time with her family of one husband, one daughter, and one dog. She loves doing home improvement projects around the house, as well as shopping and watching movies.

Amelia – OFC

Since 2012, Amelia has brought a very personal touch to the front desk. As she greets each patient, she makes it a point to get to know them. She also keeps our office running smoothly, and does it with a professional air and an efficient manner.

Amelia graduated from Grace College with a pre-dental degree and hopes to attend dental school soon. Her experience in the office, as well as her schooling, make her an employee that we’re grateful to have.

Amelia is a woman of many talents. She not only plays the piano, but the flute and the piccolo as well. She also enjoys crafting, sewing, messing around with the Cricut, and relaxing with her family of one husband and two cats.

Brenda – Hygienist

Brenda works for us as our head hygienist. She graduated from IUSB with a bachelor’s in dental hygiene, and has been with us for several years now.

As the team lead, she does a lot more than just hygiene work to keep us going. Her confident direction helps our office to run efficiently. With her at the helm, we really come together as a family.

Efficiency and teamwork are major priorities for Brenda. When the office is running in top form, we are better able to prioritize the needs of each patient who comes to us.

Brianna – Hygienist

Brianna’s friendly smile and easy-going nature make for a great experience with each patient she sees. Patients’ needs are extremely important to her, so she makes an active effort to welcome each person as an individual rather than a name on a chart.

She earned her bachelor’s from IUSB, and has been a hygienist for us ever since.

The two things Brianna loves most are spending time with her three-year-old daughter and relaxing poolside on a sunny day—especially when she can do both at the same time.

Brittany – Dental Assistant

Brittany is a talented and efficient EFDA-certified assistant with a degree from IPFW. Her contributions to our office don’t end with her educational qualifications! She is also wonderful at comforting patients who suffer from dental anxiety. With her calming presence and her confident knowledge, she makes a great addition to our staff.

At home, she has her hands full looking after her son. She loves spending time with him, as well as with other family members. When she occasionally gets a little time to herself, she spends it crafting.

Connie – OFC

Connie works with our patient accounts. Most people don’t realize that’s a job we’d need in a dental office, but it’s something that we couldn’t do without.

Insurance can be a nightmare, adding even more pressure to an already stressful situation. Connie is the wizard that helps people sort all of that out. With her experience and gentle manner, our patients are able to get the most out of their dental experience.

Connie has been married for over forty years. Together, she and her husband have four children and twelve grandchildren to keep life interesting. Her family is one of her greatest joys. Sometimes, though, she needs to spend a little time relaxing. For this, she turns to the great outdoors, where she takes care of her pets and her garden.

Grace – Office Coordinator / Hygienist

Our hygienist Grace graduated in 2006 from the hygiene program at Ivy Tech. She has been with us since 2016. She’s particularly good at explaining treatments and procedures in a comfortable way that helps nervous patients relax.

When she’s not busy taking care of patients, she has her hands full raising her daughter and her son with her husband. Nothing is more important to Grace than family and friends. She loves playing card games together as well as spending summers at the lake cottage.

Heidi – Hygienist

Bio coming soon!

Kayla – Hygienist

Kayla has multiple degrees and several years of experience as a dental hygienist. She graduated from Kellogg Community College with her dental hygiene degree, and earned her bachelor’s in interdisciplinary health from Western Michigan University.

For over six of the years since then, Kayla has been working for us doing not only hygiene work, but assisting at the front desk, and filling in wherever there is a need.

One of Kayla’s favorite places to go is out to the lake. She loves spending vacations there, or simply relaxing for the day with her husband, Sergio, their daughter, Mia, and two dogs, Milo and Toby.

Leanne – OFC

Leanne has been an amazing employee at our front desk since 2011. Through that time she has truly enjoyed the environment that our office provides.

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Liz – Dental Hygienist

Liz has been a dental hygienist with us since 2011! Her cheerful attitude and professional experience make the workplace fun and uplifting for everyone. One of her goals as a hygienist is to make each patient’s experience a positive one.

The hard work never stops for Liz. When she gets home, she’s got two teenagers—Kate and John—to keep her plenty busy. With her family, she enjoys walking, cross-country skiing, and getting up to lighthearted shenanigans.

Megan – Dental Assistant

Megan joined of our crew eight years ago. In 2011, she certified in coronal polishing and fluoride application. In 2012 she completed her Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary training. On top of all that, she’s CPR certified. We’re lucky to have her on our staff.

Megan and her husband, Tyler, enjoy going places together. They especially love to visit breweries. In their spare time, they wrangle three dogs: Finch, Opie, and Burkley.

Pat – Office Manager

Pat brings over thirty-seven years of dental experience to our practice. As an office manager, she goes above and beyond, both in helping the office to run smoothly and in sincerely treating every person who comes through the door like part of the family.

Our dental family runs as a great team, thanks to Pat and her upbeat attitude. Her priorities as an office manager are respect, equal treatment, and greeting every person with a smile.

Pat brings those values home to her family as well. She has been married for over thirty-five years, and has three sons and three grandsons.

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Richelle – Dental Assistant

Richelle is another of our expanded function dental assistants. She graduated from IPFW with radiology and clinical excellence awards, is certified by the Dental Assisting National Board, has been an assistant since 1993, and has been working for our office since 2016. This mountain of experience and education has really made Richelle a valuable member of our staff.

Richelle has many talents and traits outside of the dental field. For one thing, she’s is a vibrant redhead and proud of it. Her enthusiasm spreads into her hobbies, which includes lifelong experience in music. In fact, she is a vocal artist with Heartland Sings. She also likes to spend time with her husband, Matt, and their three kids.

Sherry – Dental Assistant

Sherry is one of our dental assistants with expanded function certification. She does great work, and has been with us since 2013. She loves to go on long hikes, where she can really appreciate the wonder of nature. Sherry also loves to relax with her family.

Savannah – Dental Assistant

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