Initial Oral Examination

Simple Treatment Plan

At the Orange Door Dental Group, we firmly believe that effective treatment of our patients' dental conditions begin with an initial oral examination that is thorough and comprehensive. Before proceeding with any kind of treatment, we must first get a clear picture our patient’s condition to avoid further complications, which may result from administering wrong or incomplete treatments.

Standard Procedures for Oral Examination

In our comprehensive examination, we will conduct a visual examination of your teeth to take note of symptoms that will give us an idea of your condition. We will also perform periodontal probing, which helps us establish the current health of your periodontium (the tissues that surround and support your teeth). As a practice that offers quality cosmetic and family dentistry for patients in Warsaw and Elkhart, Indiana, we will carefully chart every single detail of our findings and give you a diagnosis of your condition.

If necessary, we will take bite-wing X-rays that will enable us to see if there is proximal decay in the posterior teeth, and the panoramic x-ray that will show the front and back teeth. Once the initial oral examination is completed, we will give you a detailed explanation of our findings and offer recommendations for treatment.

Treatment after Initial Examination

Our recommendations differ, depending on the dental concerns of our patients. Some may require the installation of veneers and dental implants, while other patients may need crowns and bridges to restore their teeth's function and appearance.
If the initial examinations point to more serious concerns, worry not, because our qualified dentists and dental staff are adept at handling even the most sensitive cases. We have the knowledge and the tools to handle oral dentistry or cosmetic dentistry concerns that don’t only remedy toothaches and pains but also give you the perfect smile.

The Orange Door Dental Group is aware of the dental issues that affect thousands of Americans, and there is nothing else on our minds but helping those who are looking for practices that provide excellent and affordable family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. We gladly serve the residents of Indiana who are in need of exceptional dental care and treatment with our two locations in Warsaw and Elkhart.

Get to know more about our services by contacting your nearest Orange Door Dental Office.  We have two location to better serve the needs of your family.